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Mouth Guards

There are different types of mouth guards such as Athletic Guard, night guard and snore Guards.

Athletic guard is used by people who plays contact sports such as football, rugby or lacrosse.  It helps to protect their teeth while they play.  The guards are comfortable, light and easy to wear.

Night guards are designed to protect clenching and grinding while sleeping.  You can ask your dentist to design a custom night guard that will be suitable for you.

When you put a night guard on your teeth, it lessens jaw and joints pains or teeth grinding. It also acts as a protective covering for costly dental procedures like crowns, implants, bridges from damages caused by teeth grinding. It protects orthodontic patients from drifting of the teeth.

Snore guards

This is useful for those who snores while sleeping. A snore guard helps to properly align the lower jaw forward, creating an opening for the airway so that air can pass easily thereby reducing snoring.

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