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Fluoride Treatments

Flouride can be found in the teeth and other food items, such as egg, fish, meat, tea and even in water. It makes the teeth strong and also prevent it from decaying. Dentists advise people to use tooth paste containing flouride in lots of dental treatments.  It is safe when you follow your Dentist instructions.

Before you undergo the Flouride treatment, it is necessary for you to clean your teeth. Your dentist will help you to remove stains before the treatment. When you brush with a toothpaste containing Flouride twice a day, and also floss, it will prevent your teeth from decaying. You should brush before going to bed so that the Flouride can be on your teeth while you sleep.

Flouride treatment process

Flouride treatment involves the administration of high concentrations of flouride.  Your dentist will clean and dry your teeth, then rub flouride gel on it.  After the treatment, you are not permitted to eat or drink for the next thirty minutes.

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