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Dentures & Partial Dentures

Tooth loss occurs due to many reasons. It can be through accident, illness, aging etc. Patients with this problem develops low self esteem or inability to chew.

However, this problem can be overcome by using a partial or full denture treatment plan. You can pick anyone that is suitable for your pocket. 

Full and partial dentures can greatly enhance your ability to chew, improve your speech, improve aesthetic appearance and your overall dental health. The denture includes a ceramic like material to make it strong and durable. It also has acrylic which makes it to fit easily and comfortably over the gums.

The treatment process

The treatment process is simple. The dentist will take a look at your teeth and jaw alignment and use it to pick a suitable denture color and shape of your teeth. Patients who are changing from failing teeth to dentures will use a temporary denture. Patients who are changing to a full denture, will wait until all the remaining teeth in their mouth have been removed and the gums healed. This can take about 3 months. 

Patients who are receiving partial dentures will have their replacement teeth bonded to a gum-colored base.  This is attached to a metal framework held tightly in place by attaching it to the natural teeth on one side of the empty space.

Flexible partials

You can use flexible partial dentures as an option to the rigid metal based dentures. There is no need for rigid attachment to the teeth and it offers a more natural look.

Flexible partials have better design, fit and materials and the nylon resin does not break off.

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