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We always take good care of our younger patients. We provide everything necessary to make each visit a positive experience. Our goal is to teach your child what is required to maintain a healthy dental lifestyle from a young age, into adulthood.

From our years of experience and interaction with children, we strongly suggest that they start their dental appointments from the age of three. This is the right age to introduce children to dental equipments and procedures, in order to minimize treatment-associated fears and phobias. In addition, the sooner they learn how to take care of their teeth, the better it will be for their general oral health.

Another benefit of early dental checkups is the possibility of detecting dental problems before they fully develop, becoming costly, and more complex to treat. A dental record created over the years is an important tool for making an accurate diagnosis, and proffering preventive measures.

It is normal that young patients exhibit various levels of anxiety or fears with respect to dental visits, however, starting visits from an early age, will help a child deal better with such issues.

Tips for a child’s First Visit:

  • Take your child for an online ‘office tour’
  • Let your child know your positive dental experiences
  • Find materials (books, Internet..) to introduce your child to the dentist

During your first visit the dentist will:

  • Comprehensive examination of the child’s teeth, mouth, and gums.
  • Detect and evaluate any negative dental habit of the child.
  • Establish the level of fluoride the child needs.
  • Demonstrate to the child the proper methods for teeth and gum cleaning.
  • Design a dental check plan suitable for your child.

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